Re-elect Deb Gross to City Council for District 7

In 2013, during a special election for the District 7 Pittsburgh City Council seat, Deb Gross received the overwhelming support of residents throughout the district, and she carried a strong progressive mandate into her abbreviated first term. After just 16 months, Deb has demonstrated strong leadership by forging community and business relationships in support of visionary projects in every neighborhood of District 7 and across the City. She is running for re-election in 2015 to continue her momentum in moving forward these neighborhood-drive initiatives.

In her first months in office, Deb used her background in community and nonprofit development to lead the landmark legislation that created the Pittsburgh Land Bank. Now with the Land Bank enabled by City Council she will continue to advocate for its ability to act effectively as an independent non-profit for community input in the sale and acquisition of properties, especially areas plagued by nuisance properties and absentee landlords, and allowing neighborhoods to have control over their future.

While economic development was already underway in District 7 when Deb assumed office, under her leadership the level of development has soared across the district. Over a billion dollars in the Strip District, tens of millions in Lawrenceville, and countless other projects throughout the district. Deb followed through on promises to work with community groups on initiatives for Bike-Pedestrian infrastructure, public safety improvements for events, and to make things easier for businesses and residents to live and work throughout District 7.

Deb is proud to be a part of the City’s progressive movement in government, working collaboratively with Mayor Peduto and fellow progressive City Council members to further a unified vision for Pittsburgh that is sustainable and supportive of all residents. Deb’s connection to the residents and passion for enabling community driven development while preserving each neighborhood’s character makes her the best candidate for District 7.

We need to re-elect Deb to continue leading community driven neighborhood development and City-wide progressive reform. Deb needs volunteers for phone banking, going door to door in your neighborhood, putting up a yard sign, raising campaign funds, and many other opportunities, all of which can be found under the Volunteer tab.

For updates on the campaign, events, and other news, you can fill in the Stay Informed box to the right, and be sure to follow Deb on Twitter (@DebGrosspgh) and like the Deb Gross for Council Facebook page. You can also stay up to date on Deb’s work in office by going to the District 7 website, by following @PGHDistrict7 on twitter, and by liking Pittsburgh City Council District 7 on Facebook.

Let’s continue to lead Pittsburgh forward into an era of neighborhood-driven change, economic development, and renewed support for our city’s working families. Vote Deb Gross for City Council on May 19 to continue progressive change!