Gross laps field in fundraising

Originally Published by Tim McNulty on Monday, 28 October 2013 10:07 am.

When it comes to fundraising, City Council special election candidate Deb Gross is far ahead of the other candidates running for Patrick Dowd’s old seat, just as she is in major endorsements.

Gross, of Highland Park, raised $68K this summer/fall, spent $32.5K and had $35.5K in cash for the last week of the race. $20K came in <$250 contributions from individuals; $18.7K from >$250 checks; and $27.8K from PACs controlled by allies such as Bill Peduto, Rich Fitzgerald, Mike Doyle, Jay Costa and Dan Gilman.

Tony Ceoffe Jr. of Lawrenceville raised $15.7K, spent $11K and had $4.7K left in cash. His biggest PAC contribution came from former councilman Len Bodack’s fund.

Tom Fallon of Morningside self-funded his bid with a $5,000 loan.

Jim Wudarczyk of Lawrenceville raised $1,100; spent $975 and had $182 left.

Libertarian Dave Powell of Morningside did not file a report, which typically means he raised/spent less than $250.

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