Council clear choice

Originally Published in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette on October 30, 2013 7:33 PM

Deb Gross well deserves all the endorsements she’s received, including one from the Post-Gazette editorial board (“Five-Way Race: East End Voters Should Elect Gross to Council,” Oct. 25). With her vast experience leveraging relationships to bring resources to bear for the organizations she has worked with in the past, the neighborhoods of District 7 will be fortunate to have such a champion in their corner, including my own Polish Hill.

My neighborhood knows she will fulfill her pledge to bolster the culture of entrepreneurship that has fostered local shops like Lili Cafe, Mind Cure Records, Copacetic Comics and Alfred’s Deli. Deb has experience with small business because she owned one (Percolater). The bustling bygone neighborhood economy that I’ve often heard of from my neighbors who were born and raised in Polish Hill can be a reality again with the help of Deb’s work ethic, experience and relationships.

Deb Gross is the one clear choice for this city council race because she has built a consensus of support behind her from across the district and across the city. This consensus has come because people know that she can deliver results that will support employment, more vibrant neighborhoods and stronger communities.

Polish Hill